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Create your own IoT starter kit. We let you package your "things" with our Blue Kit to create a more effective starter kit experience to reach a wider audience. Bundle prebuilt content, embedded instruction, boards, real and virtual sensors, and your data with a low code rapid user experience prototyping environment.


Integrate IoT education into existing K-12 and post-secondary curriculums. Hands on IoT projects with LEDs, LCDs, motion / touch sensors, buzzers, etc. all integrated with cloud-based services and visual prototyping environment. Projects / lessons include embedded step by step instruction and teacher’s portal with learning aids and tracking tools.


Run your own customized Hackathons or set up innovation labs for different verticals (smart homes, transportation, energy, smart cities, etc.). The Blue Kit contains the fundamentals for building and allowing others to extend and innovate in a collaborative setting.

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